Marc O'Polo Icon System
Date: 2020

During my internship at Wiegand von Hartmann, I worked on an Icon System for the fashion brand Marc O'Polo. These icons are used on social media and on clothing labels.

Der Libanon, Ich und Hybride Identitäten - Work in Progress
170 x 240 mm
Typeface: Suisse Int’l & Adobe Arabic
Date: 2020/21

I am currently working on a book that deals with the relationship between my home country and myself. It is about Lebanon, my parents' flee from the country, about me and about young migrants in Germany who have to balance between two cultures.
New Aesthetic 2 – A Collection Of Independent Type Design
114 x 185 mm, 604 g
ISBN 978-3-9820440-3-3
Typeface: Sorry Sans
Date: 2020

During my internship at Wiegand von Hartmann, I had the chance to work on this beautiful book together with the team. New Aesthetic 2 features a collection of independent type design by creatives from all around the world. Edited by Leonhard Laupichler and Sophia Brinkgerd. Published by Sorry Press.
Long Handle Tote Bag
380 x 420 mm
High Quality Fabric 270 g/m² - Printed by myself
Typeface: Haas Grotesk & Snell Roundhand
Date: 2020

This Tote Bag series is about meeting a good old friend again after a long time. Realizing that the friendship is still like back in the days even though a lot has changed.

148 x 210 mm - 18 Pages
Risograph Print on Metapaper Extrarough Warmwhite 175g/m²
Typeface: Neue Alte Grotesk
Date: 2020

In a small zine, I interpreted and illustrated the German division, the fall of the Berlin Wall and the history surrounding it. This project was made during my Illustration class at uni. I printed everything by myself using the Risograph printing method.