BORDERS Magazine

Date 2022
Services Creative Direction, Art Direction, Visual Identity, Editorial Design
Client Personal Project
Featuring Hanane El Ouardani, Ebrahim Bahaa-Eldin, Hasan Gündogan, Solène Şahmaran Gün, Charles Thiefaine, Apsilon, Hrair Sarkissian, Keith Shuaib, Karim El Maktafi
BORDERS explores the idea of a post-cultural society and its impact on creatives. In today‘s globalized world, it‘s easy to think that borders, as well as opportunities for these creatives, are getting blurrier and blurrier and that all cultures are equal. However, the opportunities you have as a creative heavily depend on where you‘re located. There is a lot of undiscovered work from underrepresented creatives. BORDERS is a platform for minorities in our society. It‘s not only a place to talk about their experience with inequality and racism, but also a platform to tell their stories, talk about their identity, and present their work. Supporting them to counteract the imbalance in the creative world towards a post-cultural society. It‘s not only a magazine, it‘s a place for dialogue, an archive, a collective, a workspace and so much more.